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10 Reasons why Guanajuato will host ITM 2020

German company Deutsche Messe confirmed the state of Guanajuato to host Industrial Transformation Mexico 2020. This state was chosen for its economic and logistical strengths, as well as for its industrial potential and its enormous capacity for attraction of national and foreign investments.

Cuatro Cero presents 10 reasons why Guanajuato will host the most important Industry 4.0 event in the country, from October 7 to 9, 2020:

  1. Economic Strength. Guanajuato is the sixth biggest economy in Mexico, with 48 billion dollars GDP.
  2. Economic Growth. For four consecutive years, Guanajuato’s economy grew more than the national average (4.4%).
  3. Geographical Position. Due to its privileged location, Guanajuato has become the leading logistics hub in Mexico.
  4. FDI Attraction. Guanajuato is ranked number 4 nationwide in terms of Foreign Direct Investment.
  5. Credit Rating and Investment Confidence. Guanajuato, governed by Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, has the highest Credit Rating in the country (AAA).
  6. Great Export Capacity. Guanajuato exports goods and services valued 25 billion dollars, to 150 markets. Its annual exports growth is + 100%.
  7. Industrial Power. Guanajuato houses 41 industrial parks distributed in more than 13 square kilometers.
  8. Innovation Center. Guanajuato has eight high-tech and innovation clusters.
  9. Industrial Production. It is the only state with five automakers producing more than 800,000 vehicles a year.
  10. Boost to Industry 4.0. The state government has specific public policies to promote the implementation of industry 4.0 throughout companies in the region.
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Guanajuato’s government, led by Diego Sinhue Rodríguez Vallejo, allied with Hannover Messe, has positioned itself as a leader in promoting Industry 4.0 in Mexico.

Industrial Transformation Mexico 2020 will offer great business opportunities and the latest innovations, solutions and conferences on topics such as artificial intelligence, 5G network, additive manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things , Predictive Maintenance, robotics, energy efficiency, cybersecurity and smart logistics.

ITM 2020 will take place at Poliforum León: 18,000 m² of pure innovation will be attended by more than 15, 000 visitors and 200 business leaders who, together, will promote a transition from manufacturing to mind-facturing in Mexico.

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