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Hannover Messe 2020: between the pandemic and digital world

Covid-19 pandemic is a new challenge for Hannover Messe, considered the biggest industrial technology fair in the world. Since 1947, two years after the end of WWII, Hannover Messe had uninterruptedly hosted the most relevant technological innovations for industry, until now.

In 2020 edition, with Indonesia as guest country, Hannover Messe would have featured the main industrial advances in artificial intelligence, 5G, additive manufacturing, IoT, predictive maintenance, robotics, energy efficiency, cybersecurity, and smart logistics.

However, last March, Jochen Köckler, chairman of the Managing Board of Deutsche Messe AG, reported on the definite cancellation of 2020 edition of Hannover Messe. According to Köckler, the advance of Covid-19, alongside with the restrictions implemented by German health authorities, made it impossible to host the event. “It is the first time in 73 years that the event will not take place,” Köckler said.

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Despite the health crisis, cancellation of Hannover Messe 2020 did not stop them from presenting us the latest technological novelties for industrial world. From April 20th to 24th, the exhibitors showed, through social media, their main innovations. Using the hashtag “#WhatWeWouldHaveShown”, Hannover Messe was kept alive within the digital world.

The response from companies to Hannover Messe’s call was overwhelming. Hashtag “#WhatWeWouldHaveShown” was seen in countless posts on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. From companies like Siemens, which showcased their latest advances in 3D printing, to tires manufacturers like Kragos Tires, Hannover Messe’s exhibitors responded enthusiastically.

Companies like Audi, Ericsson and Hewlett-Packard participated in 2020 Hannover Messe digital edition and dazzled us with their innovations in 5G technology, robotics and 3D printing. International firms such as Schneider Electric and T-Systems also showed tools that will revolutionize various industrial sectors through digitization and automation. Furthermore, ABB featured its electrical solutions to manage data centers at an industrial level.

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Hannover Messe opened a digital platform that brought together more than 4,000 suppliers, 10 thousand products and solutions and more than 400 product scoops. This platform allows for photography display, specifications and very useful information for companies whose aim is to find an Industry 4.0 solution.

Without a doubt, the #WhatWeWouldHaveShown campaign has set an important precedent for the exhibition industry worldwide, since it showed that, even in adverse times, events such as Hannover Messe are able to continue guiding and inspiring those seeking solutions for their industrial activities. The digital exhibition showed new possibilities: Hannover Messe can be experienced anytime and anywhere.

After Hannover Messe 2020, digital exhibitions will be a new way of connecting a wide network of industrial entrepreneurs globally. The Covid-19 pandemic brought Hannover Messe to a new terrain, turning it into a fair that could be both experienced in Germany and on any computer in the world.

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See more information about Hannover Messe 2020 here.

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